The End of an Era

ssiiconv/SSII_conversion_3It is with great sadness that I must deliver this news. The Scout is for sale. It has been a decision I have been toying with for about 7 months now. I finally decided that with all the things going on in my life, getting married, buying a house and all the money that ties up it just doesn’t make sense to keep it.

When I was in my early teens I first fell in love with the style of the scout. The rounded edges gave the robust truck a sleek modern look. One day I swore I would own one. When I turned 16 I wanted one so bad I would lose sleep at night figuring out how I would talk my Dad into letting me get one. However, that didn’t happen. I got an Oldsmobile hand me down instead.

The years went by, I had a 1993 VW Fox that I was at wits end with. My neighbor a few months prior had purchased a 1977 Scout II for his son. After his son flaked out ans skipped town, again, I decided to approach him about it. Much to my surprise, it was for sale! I was ecstatic! I paid cash and finally had my own Scout II, my dream vehicle.

Of course Scout’s aren’t just well known for their engines or durability, but for their rust-ability. Yep, if you are a scout owner you know a lot about rust. You become so obsessed with getting rid of rust you start going after anything with rust and sand it down and paint it. Unfortunately for us Scout owners by the time you saw the rust it meant it had come from the inside out, so no little sanding and painting would fix it.

That winter, 1998 – 1999, was cold. December and January has some downright frigid temperatures. 0F degrees with a windchill of -20F. The Scout never let me down. I drove it everyday until May 2000 when I leased my former Passat. I leased it so I could put some resources into fixing up the scout. That summer I put in a roll bar. It was also the first summer of taking the top off, woo hoo!

As the year went by the rust grew increasingly worse, so in late 2001 I had the floors and everything associated redone. Never to rust again! A few years later in 2003 I had a lot more done, rear quarters, wheel wells, front fenders/quarters. I also had the Scout converted to a Super Scout (a model available from 1977 – 1979) so it has fiberglass inserts where the doors were, soft top and soft doors. Made the scout a lot lighter and since it was my fun vehicle this is what I wanted.

Then I was sick for a year and now, with no real place to work on it or finances to do so with I am at a crossroads. Everyone says “Sell it and buy another in a few years.” While I tend to agree with the philosophy it is not that easy. These vehicles are becoming more and more rare, and there is a certain amount of pride with taking something and having it become what you envision.

In the end I ask myself, “is this the right decision? Am I going to be kicking myself in a month?” My response to both of those questions is the same, yes. Yes it IS the right decision, and yes I will be kicking myself. It is like getting out of a long term relationship. It will take time to heal and eventually move on. As time progresses I will always have my fond memories of the Scout, and hopefully one day I will have the resources and time to devote to another.

So in the mean time, if you or anyone you know want to own a piece of automotive history and carry on the legacy of the Scout II please contact me.

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  1. JAY – Sorry to hear you are selling the Scout! I will always remember the camping trip and off roading with Jim’s jeep, Justin’s truck and the Scout!

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