The Scout has been reprieved!

I am not selling the Scout (just yet). I am going to spend some time sprucing up the engine, getting it at least one color and trying to finish off the remainder of the rust. I know, that’s a lot of work if I am going to just sell it.

However, there is always the chance that I will be able to keep it and if I can get the work done now I might be okay. Part of my earlier concerns were that it would cost so much to do some of the things I wanted to do. Well after some research and some offers for help it looks like I will be able to accomplish some of these tasks and in a much easier fashion.

I mean the engine has 150 – 160K miles on it, but it is easily a 300K mile engine. So doing the seals, gaskets and cam bearings should allow me to get to that 300K mark. I also need to do a little body work, but nothing major, just some sanding, primer and paint.

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