Ok, so I am a little slow

this week, I have been in training and have somewhat lost touch with the world. That isn’t a bad thing, but I e-mailed myself a link yesterday that made me about burst out in laughter during my training.

Keep in mind, some folks may not find it as funny, however, those that know me and Jim, and Dan and Harp and well teh list goes on…will find this quite amusing. Click on the link below:

SWAT Monkey!

So if you know anything about me and the rest of the crazy people I know then you will know that this has been a much sought after technology. Modern man first used Rebar Monkey’s back in when the Hoover (boulder) Dam was built. Then in the last decade we developed Airbag Monkeys and most noteable Fire Exstuingshing Monkeys. Both very useful and cost effective tools.

Now the SWAT monkey thing is great, but I am tired of our ideas being ripped off. A few years ago some show did “trunk monkeys” and I was a little upset. They must of heard of our un-patented Airbag Monkey idea and changed it around.

Using monkeys to save human live’s is no laughing matter!

2 thoughts on “Ok, so I am a little slow”

  1. rebar monkeys is less cruel than forcing a primate to act in a movie with Joey from friends, which is why they used an midget actor in a monkey suit instead. I read that on IMDB.

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