Easy Money

Or so it seems. Awhile back I signed up for a service called Hits4Pay. It is basically a service where they send you e-mails, you read em and earn money for each e-mail read.

I think you even get a sign up bonus when using the link with me as a referer:


Of course the catch is you get $0.02 per e-mail and they only send checks when you reach $25. They feloow VW enthusiast I signed up udner pulls in about $40/month…somehow….I have no idea.

I have had it for a couple months and have accrued $1.52 along with a $10 bonus. So you figure 100 emails will be $2.00. The trick is finding the right categories to get the most email. I highly recommend setting up a freebie mail account, like gmail or yahoo just in case they sell you out.

Anyway, once again, my referral link: http://hits4pay.com/members/index.cgi?gietl

Could be free money, takes me about 2 minutes of my day to review the 2 or three e-mails I get.

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