Why are people so dumb?

I see this stupid bumper sticker every damn day:

Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam

I about rank this up there with Ron Reagan using Born in the USA as his campaign song during his re-election. Honestly, I don’t believe people actually think about what they are boating about.

“Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam.” At the surface this seems like a good way to evoke emotion from the American people who can’t avoid the issue of us and them.

However, lets dissect this for a minute. I do not speak Arabic, nor do I know the true meaning of “Iraq” but I am a betting man and I am willing to bet it does not mean Vietnam. While there are still many strong feelings about the Vietnam conflict (I love to say that just to piss people off) they are two separate issues. I can understand a person or group of people having a strong dislike to this war in Iraq, but if you are going to be political and bear your thoughts on the ass end of your vehicle, put something meaningful. I have come up with a few ideas below:

American is Arabic for Ignorant

This bumper sticker was made from petroleum products

No Blood for Oil…unless it means I can’t drive my car

My President beat up your Dictator

Lynndie England, the United States greatest scapegoat

If I weren’t so tired I could probably come up with some that might be marginally better. What I really hate is the fact that everyone feels that having a bumper sticker makes a difference. I mean whatever happened to the likes of:

If you don’t like the way I drive get off the sidewalk

Watch my behind not hers

I brake for whores

and so on.

I think it’s important that every American citizen have strong feelings and emotions about our Government and it’s policies, but please, spare me your two bit attempt and making people think by placing bumper stickers all over your Japanese cars when you have no idea what you are really saying.

That’s enough ranting for now.

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