Orgazmo (1997)

Naive young Mormon Joe Young is recruited to act in porn movies.

Directed by
Trey Parker

Comedy, Sci-Fi

Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, Robyn Lynne Raab, Michael Dean Jacobs, Ron Jeremy, Andrew Kemler, David Dunn, Matt Stone, Toddy Walters, Chasey Lain, Juli Ashton, Masao Maki, Joseph Arsenault, Jeff Schubert, Desi Singh

My Review
A much overlooked comedy by the mastermind of Trey Parker. His pal Matt Stone has a noteworthy role in the film as well. You’ll notice some familiar faces of the porn industry in this 1997 classic.

Parker takes the taboo adult film industry and makes into a watchable comedy. I wont give anything away, but if you like the creativity of Trey Parker and Matt Stone you will definitely appreciate this film.

It has been a couple years since I last saw it and frankly I think the film was snubbed before it even stood a chance. South Park was just hitting the airwaves and these guys were pretty much unknown at the time. Had the release waited a year or two it would have faired much better in the theater, though as I recall it may have had a NC-17 rating at the time.

So add it to your Netflix queue and keep an open mind.

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