Katie Holmes is an idiot

Tom cruise says “she’s an incredibly bright and self-determined woman. She makes her own decisions.” in this recent article. Obviously Mr Cruise isn’t very smart either.

Sure, even I once thought Katie Holmes was a cute, date-able girl. Based on here recent life decisions I now have a totally different view of her. It’s not really about changing religion, but Scientology? Hello, has anyone seen Battlefield Earth? Can you really take a made up religion by a guy who wrote that seriously?

If the values of Scientology teach people to act like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes then in fact you should STAY AWAY. They are using this religion to promote themselves and the religion, but they are not promoting taking care of the needy. Probably because it’s not on there agenda. I bet Tom gets a kickback for every new recruit, kind of like a referral bonus “Okay Tom, for every celeb you sign up we’ll give you a trip to Hawaii or $1,000.”

They both have movies coming out with a lot of hype. Kind of like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’ big headlines have helped Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I guess we can sit back and watch. Not like my opinion will change anyone else’s views on Tom and Katie, or what, what is the new thing now, Tokie, or however the press meshes their names together?

One thought on “Katie Holmes is an idiot”

  1. Jay,
    I completely agree with you. These yo-yo’s (Scientologists) are using the tax shelters of a religious establishment for Hollywood corporate greed. I am very dissapointed in little Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek. Not so much from Mr. Cruise, because I have always thought he was evil all the way from his carefully controlled relationships with younger, vulnerable women to his creepy smile.

    BTW, the press is calling them “TomKat”.

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