Tom Cruise get a much needed wash

I just wasted 5 minutes of my morning reading this story about some “pranksters” who disguised a squirtgun as a microphone and gave ol Tommy a little shot.

I guess Tommy Boy doesn’t like to get liquids shot onto his face…mayube it might reveal something about him?

Anyway, the funny thing is these guys all get arrested and MAY be charged with assault. Now, don’t forget, Tommy then grabs one of the guys and wont let go and calls the instigator names. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to then charge Mr Cruise with a similar charge?

This of course brings us to the point that “actors” such as Tom Cruise feel they should be above everyone else, in fact one of the funniest quotes in that story come’s from Mr Cruise himself: “Do you like thinking less of people, is that it?”

I find it so funny that someone who puts themself high upon a pedestal would say such a thing to mere “prankster.” The arrest of the folks involved is outrageous. Once again showing that a government thinks so highly of “actors” that they would arrest someone for using a squirtgun. Had these folks got me and I whined and cried like little Tommy did I would have been told to grow up and nothing could be done.

Once again “actors” > humans. After all, aren’t people like Tom really just aliens?

EDIT: Oh, I know, where is my Tom and Katie got engaged post? After a lot of thought I realized it didn’t deserve a whole post by me, so here is a list of some other people’s posts:

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