Can’t fight the seether!

So last weekend, my lovely bride to be and I are coming home from I can’t recall what now, but a local radio station KTCL does a few different awesome radio prgrams on Sunday nights.

At first we thought it was part of the all request retro show because it was Yaz(oo)’s – Don’t Go but with a heavy guitar lick played over it. What’s funny is at the time I heard the beginning of the song Seether by Veruca Salt then hear this song playing as well and was too tired to put 2 and 2 together.

I e-mailed the DJ from the all request show and he told me this was part of the previous show and it is called a “mash-up.” I know, you would think they could up with a more creative name, but regardless, I am hooked on this “mash-up.” If you would like to check it out yourself visit the creators site at Divide & Kreate’s Mashed Living it is called Seether by Veruca Salt vs. Don’t go by Yazoo.

There looks to be some other good ones I am downloading as I type. I can’t believe mashup’s are anything new as DJs have been doing the same things for years in clubs.

Well I have other stuff to report, but I am a bit tipsy at this point and must call it a night.

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