What the hell?

I love my new home, my neighborhood and my neighbors all seem swell. Well until today.

So I take out the trash last night, we have one of those 90gal trash cans the company gives you because their truck can just pick up the can. I leave at 7:30am Friday morning for work (Friday is trash pickup). I get home late, and the trash can is sitting out front still with a bag of trash (grass clippings as I found by kicking it). I knew Renee had been home earlier but don’t expect her to deal with the trash can.

So I’m all upset that the trash company removed out bag of grass clippings from the can and set them on the curb. I only say this because the can is empty (I think you know where this is going).

Now I head out to bring in the can and the bag, I wheel the can in, go back for the bag and realize it’s not one of our trash bags (we buy the cheap ones, this was hella heavy duty!). Not to mention it was wet grass clippings as it weighed a ton and stunk!

Finally I sit down in my house and realize, one of my neighbors tried to sneak their trash in with mine, only they put it out AFTER the trash guys came. Of course out of embarrassment they decided not to reclaim their trash because someone might see them.

In the end, it is one bag, but I am stuck with one of my neighbors stinky ass decomposing bag of grass clipping stinking up my garage. I have half a mind to go door to door with the bag tomorrow seeking it’s rightful owner.

I mean since we moved here we have done nothing wrong, sure my Scout ain’t so pretty, but I don’t make a lot of noise and we are very quiet (read no parties). The idea that one of my neighbors would screw me over like this really pisses me off.

So remember my pro’s and cons post a while back:

Con of the suburbs:
Sneaky neighbors with no spine

Living in the city, sure I might be shot or run over, but no one does shit like this. Damn suburbs.

3 thoughts on “What the hell?”

  1. aaah, life in suburban hell. swell, ain’t it? i can get away with calling it that because i live in the suburbs, too — although neither of us are in (dare i even print it?!?) highlands ranch, the epitome of planned living, isolated from reality, where everyone has 2.3 kids, drives their cosmopolitan cars and lives in their HOA-approved-colored cookie-cutter homes, far, far away from the scary city. my only consolation is that i don’t have to do yardwork since i live in a condo (sorry, jay!) and the drive into the city only takes 20 minutes or so 🙂

  2. Your neighbor was being onsiderate of you, being a new resident and all, he avoided leaving carpet that you would have had to pay to have removed. That kind of consideration is remakable, why, I think he likes you.

  3. ever hear of composting? what the…?

    whats with throwing grass clippings in the garbage anyway?

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