Dubya is a full of pig #$%^

After reading this story:


I realized even more how full of crap our “leaders” are. While I have no choice but to support him because he is our President at least have enough respect to not lie like a fucking rug.

I seriously doubt he has grieved for anything but the time that the price per barrel dropped about 3 months ago. I support our armed forces and I believe that part of this mission was justified, but unfortunately our soldier were duped into battle and once you’ve gone as far as we have you can’t just stop and let that part of the world turn into a shithole again.

I think it would be great if every family member and friend or even complete stranger take the time to send in a photo of a fallen soldier. No letter required. Just send it in and let our President know that his serious lack of smarts has put many a man and woman into harms way. While many have died benefiting the Iraqi people and the folks in Afghanistan, the US has received nothing positive in return.

Have we been attacked lately? No, but it was what, like 8 years between the other terrorist attacks (not counting McVeigh).

So lets sum up, we get attack, so we invade Afghanistan to go after bin laden, mistakenly kill a bunch of Canadian soldiers and we lose more us soldiers on occasion but have done not much since we disrupted the Taliban.

Iraq, we go in stating they are producing WMDs, focus on securing the oil sites and have American soldiers killed regularly. We have Saddam in court, but I don’t see much coming from that.

Now after running these two offensives where are WE. What have we gained? We have gained lots of negative media attention, more hatred towards the US, less citizens because they have either ex-patriated or been killed in action. Oil is at an all time high, the economy is still sucky (though doing a bit better thanks to Greenspan), we still have lots of poverty, homeless, sick, elderly and extremely hungry people int his country. We send all out tech jobs overseas, import more than we export and live every day wondering if it’s our last because our President is inept.

Well, there ya go, I don’t say too much about politics, but every now and then I have to blurt out how I feel.

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  1. Hmm, ranting again Jay? Chill dude, say something nice to Renee and buy Karen a beer. I’ll keep watching and smiling.

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