Vegas Baby, Vegas

Took a little trip to Vegas last week. We have been so buried in new homeowner stuff and School things that we needed to get away for a few days. The trip was great, the drive down and back was easy. On the way out we ran into this nice little $1.5 million car:


While in Vegas we had some good luck. I didn’t take much in the way of gambling money as this was a budget Vegas trip. In the end I did get a return of about 3.5x’s the money I brought. 🙂

Part of our winnings came from an unlikely source, a $0.02 slot in the Excalibur. I know, what the hell were we doing there. Well Renee had never been there so after filling up our Fat Tuesday mugs we walked over. We just happened to see the machines and I always joke about the only slots I can win at are penny slots, but that you don’t ever really win that much.

So I saddle up, put in $5 which gives me 250 credits. One credit is equal to $0.02. there are nine pay lines, so if you bet every line it is nine credits, I was betting 2 credits per line or 18 credits per spin. It wasn’t doing too much, a few ups and downs and I was down to 100 credits. Max bet on this machine is 90 credits, so 10 credits per pay line. The pay lines were straight across, diag, and 2 v shaped. One of those being the number 9 pay line which is the one you have to hit to get the jackpot which is a BMW Z4.

Ok, so with 100 credits left I max bet, 90 credits, the slot spins away and I hit something and it starts racking up credits. I figure I pulled in a few hundred credits, I’m going to make my money back and that is fine. So we sit, and it keeps going, we are now past 500 credits. Sweet! Doubled my $5, that’s always nice. It keeps going. So I start looking into what I did. I hot three pay lines.

One pay line was diagonal, single bar with a triple diamond (3x payout) and a double diamond (2x payout). I notice the second pay line I hit was the bottom “V.” It was the single bar, the triple diamond and a triple bar. Ok, this looks pretty good, especially that double triple combo on the single bar. Hmm, but it’s still going and I have over 1000 credits now.

The machine keeps ticking away and I try reading all the payouts, it seems that triple double combo gives me an additional 4x payout, not to mention I bet 10 credits on that line which boosts it more. That’s awesome, but now we are at 2000 credits and it is still clinging away.

Then I notice I hit the ninth pay line, which is the upper “V.” This is the one that would give you the jackpot if you were so lucky. Well that was comprised of a red 7 as well as that triple diamond and double diamond. Well sweet! Yay me. Now we are around 3000 credits and it is still going. We are attracting some attention from our fellow slot jockeys. I begin reading the machine again and find out that triple double combo on the 9 pay line gives me an additional 9x payout or something like that.

We sit patiently, almost impatiently for a another 5 minutes as it wraps up. In the end we accumulated somewhere over 4500 credits. Which translated to about $87. I know, that’s nothing huge, but consider the cash bet was $1.80, that is a pretty damn good return. At least it gave us something to laugh about the rest of the trip, and also secured the spot as making this a winning trip. The night before I pulled in $40 off a video poker machine while waiting for a drink at the bar. 🙂

It doesn’t end there though, later that night, after another trip to Fat Tuesdays for a refill we were winding up our night. I was a bit hammered and slowly making our way back to our room. I came across a Wheel of Fortune quarter slot that I had played the night before and did okay with (even). I put in $20, did a couple max bets (3 credits, one credit = $0.25). I think it was about my third bet or so I got the “Spin.” Which is like the wheel on Wheel of Fortune. So I pressed the button and round and round and round it went. It passed all the low end payouts and ding-ding, it lands on 500. Sweet! 500 credits for me! It’s a quarter machine, do the math.

So that was of course a bigger payout than the $0.02 machine, but not quite as glorious in terms of credits won. Like I said, it was a budget trip, I am very happy with my winning trip, those winnings basically paid for our food and drinks for the whole trip. So I can’t complain. I had some smaller winnings here and there as well that contributed.

Oh, the highlight, after hitting the 500 on the WoF machine I had a quarter left, gave it to Renee, she walked over to a quarter slot, won 4 quarters, so she cashes out and takes the ticket up and gets her dollar. I think I laughed for about 10 minutes, then i passed out.

Sorry I don’t have any pics other than the crappy camera phone pic of the Bugatti. My camera is old and too big to lug around, I need to get a smaller one so I can get back to taking oodles of pictures.

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