What to write about?

I have a few things on my mind so get comfortable this could be long.

First off, like the vast majority of the country and the world I am still amazed ad the devastation from Katrina. I guess it’s not really time to make comments that Katrina and the Waves really dampened peoples spirits from Walking on Sunshine. Ok sorry, but it seemed like whoever named the Hurricane was making those comments before me.

Regardless, even with the horrible looting and lawlessness going on folks should contribute even $1 to the Red Cross to help out. Think about what you would want if you or your family were stuck there. I know, I know, everyone had enough advanced warning, but some were too sick and too poor to leave the area so be human and lend a hand.

Even the folks that got out in time need help as they probably lost everything that they didn’t take with them.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way. On to my RANT. There will be a bit of prefacing to this so sorry if it goes all over the place.

When I was a kid, much like everyone else in the states and most of the world INXS was the hottest band on the charts. I was 13 years old when Kick came out and remember seeing them as the first concert to be played at Fiddlers Green (now Coors) Amphitheater. It was an awesome show and I went on to see INXS three more times before Hutchence’s unfortunate death.

About a year ago I heard that the remaining members of INXS were going to have a “reality” show to find a new lead singer. I was outraged and swore I would not watch in. I mean, how can you replace Michael and all that talent?

Fast forward to about a month or so ago. Rockstar: INXS is on TV and getting good reviews. I missed the first week or two of the show because of my feelings about it. Then I had read some more reviews and found that the talent far exceeded the scrubs that flood American Idol. So I thought I would give it a watch. It was nice to see such a diverse group of performers covering both genders.

Now my fiancee and I have been watching the show every week since. Even taking an active roll in voting for performers, especially to try and get one cocky, egotistical, selfish bastard, who shall remain nameless, off the show.

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed some good talent go, as well as some not so good talent. All in all most of the people booted should have decent careers. At this point the remainder of those booted I would expect to get some sort of recording contract or other offer.

Here is where the rant comes in, and please bear with me on it. Last night Ty was booted from the show, it was clearly emotional for him and everyone else. He seems like a genuinely great guy and is a great performer. I voted for him plenty of times in the previous weeks and even threw some votes at him this week even though I am one of those people that believes no Stones song should ever be performed by anyone other than the Stones. Whew, that was a long sentence.

Anyway, Ty DID do a good job with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” His Gospel singing roots as well as his previous experience with a chart ranking band really helped out. In the end, week to week I found Ty to be very programmed in his movements on stage. I think he has a great stage presence but I also think maybe his time with doing other performances may have hindered him.

Ty unfortunately ended up in the bottom three for the third time. It was him, Jordis and JD (the sonuvabitch). Keep in mind there were only 6 folks left so half had to be in the bottom. The performances the other night were all great except for….JD, Mig and Ty (in my opinion). Now, when you’re in the bottom three, to try and save yourself from elimination you sing an INXS song chosen by the band. JD went first, did what I felt was a horrible job with This Time. Ty was next with One Thing…this was I feel the kiss of death for Ty. He performed well and sang well, but messed up the chorus by singing the wrong lyrics every time and also missed some lyrics at the beginning. Jordis performed last and did a great job as well with Listen Like Thieves though the house band seemed a little rough with the song which seemed to mess Jordis up a little.

When it came to the elimination, Ty was gone. I felt really bad for him because he really did give it a good run, and as I stated before seems like a terrific person. Now what really bothered me is while Ty was making his comments about being on the show, he chastised the viewers by basically saying he was booted because he is black. I call bullshit.

While I can understand there are still far too many struggles today, I don’t feel that race was the reason Ty was booted. I’m sure there are still some inbred, sister boning racist motherfuckers that might have an idea how to use the internet and voted against him. However, this is a world wide aired show and I think that alone outweighs the racist and bigots of the world.

The point is, I really thought Ty was great, but even after my second or third week of viewing I got the feeling he wasn’t a fit for the band. NOT because he is black, but because he just couldn’t really hit that rockstar mark that INXS needs. At the same time I am pissed off that Ty would make such a generalization. Is this how you treat your fans? I know there are some assholes in the world still who have a problem with folks that aren’t white, but give a little credit. He freakin made it this far, was only bottom 3 three times. One girl booted previously had been there like 4 times!

If you can’t remember the words to the songs of the band you want to be a part of they probably aren’t going to hire you. As I mentioned before, I am a pretty big INXS fan and I knew he was missing the lyrics and I said, he’s gone. Bands DO NOT take that stuff lightly.

While I agree with Ty that there aren’t enough black rockers in the world, think of those that rocked the world: Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Kings X, Living Colour, Fishbone, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper (while not quite a rocker, still damn good).

So Ty, if by chance you ever read this, you can be a rocker, but let your guard down and go for it. Quit worrying about what everyone thinks and don’t “act” just DO.

While were are talking about Rockstar: INXS I have to tell you Jordis has a freakin incredible voice. I don’t know if she is INXS material, but she in my mind will be successful with or without INXS. I think if she gets booted there will be 10 people lined up with contracts in hand.

As for the remaining 5, I can see this coming down to Mig, Suzie and Marty. JD is too self centered and just wants the fame. While the chicks dig him, I don’t think he has that great of a range and will not be a good fit for the band. I think he would but heads and frankly I don’t think he can do a good job with INXS songs. He has received a lot of praise for arranging the music for the covers they do of other bands, he does it to his vocal strengths. I don’t foresee INXS re-arranging their songs for this former Elvis impersonator.

Marty has really grown as a performer and singer over the last few weeks, he still has more to prove to the band and needs to step it up. Mig already proved himself but I was a little put off by his Live and Let Die rendition. To me it seemed to show some weakness in his voice. However, I am no vocal talent. Suzie rocked the freaking house with Bohemian Rhapsody. I mean ROCKED THA HOUSE.

It is hard for me to envision a female as the lead for INXS, but in the past weeks I have become more open to it. I guess I realized that INXS is not REPLACING Michael, just wanting to continue the band and his legacy by performing the songs he performed for so many years. It’s always hard to see someone else in place of the person you were so familiar with.

My prediction, it comes down to Mig and Suzie and Mig takes it.

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