CU Fights Down the Field, CU Must Win!

That’s right folks, the mediocre rivalry that pits the oldest of friends against each other for one day a year has come and gone. Once again the CU Buffaloes come out on top in a down to the wire game.

All in all I like to talk a little smack leading up to and after the game, but it is all in good fun.

So this year I bumped up my razzing of the CSU fans by creating this little masterpiece…if you need help deciphering, CU are the Buffaloes, CSU are the Rams:


Well the margin of victory was minimal, CU won it by a 47 yard field goal by the AWESOME kicks Mason Crosby…please…Mike Shanahan…draft this kid when he graduates. So to complete my poking fun I created the following animation showing the final moments of the game:


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