Thank You!

Thank you to the gentleman who called me yesterday about my bike.

I’m on my way home from work and my phone rings, it’s a 508 area code. I have no idea who it is, but I am pretty adventurous and answer the phone. At first I thought maybe it was something crazy as the conversation started off “Jay you don’t know me…”

However, it turned out this fellow has a 1980 Hondamatic like mine. I’m not sure if he recently saw my craigslist ad for the bike or found my info elsewhere. Anyway, he was calling because I had listed that my starter stopped working and I just assumed it was bad. I assumed this because in the past while trying to troubleshoot it I could not figure out where the problem was.

So this kind person, who admittedly states he is not mechanically inclined, had a similar problem with his and took it to a shop. They went through and found a blown fuse. He recommended I check into the fuses and we chatted briefly about the bikes and their vintage somewhat rare qualities.

After we got off the phone I thought to myself, that was SO nice of him to give me a call as a fellow owner to help me out.

Now, I know I have checked the fuses numerous times. There are only three, Main, Headlight and Taillight. Taillight controls the signals as well and I know the headlight bus is jacked up. I actually jump the headlight to the taillight. I know it’s bad but it works.

So not I check again, fuses are fine, walk around the other side and pop the other cover off. I get to poking around and start fiddling with the wires connecting to things. Then i give the starter a try. It is a little hesitant and seems to work upon a little release of the button…BUT IT WORKS! This is the first time in about 2 years the starter has worked. I have just been kick starting it (which sucks when it’s been sitting awhile).

In the end, it was not the fuse as suggested, but somehow it got me to check something I hadn’t checked over the last few years and it worked. So one again, THANK YOU fellow Hondamatic owner.

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  1. Area Code 508 is Massachusetts, from Cape Cod to South and Southwest of Boston.

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