Reality used to be a friend of mine

I guess PM Dawn had it right.

It’s September. Summer is just about officially over, I’m still outta shape and I wnet through my wallet and found my reminder card for my hematologist.

6 months is a long time, until it’s over then it really isn’t that long. So in about 2 weeks it’s PET scan and blood drawin time. I continue to pray that things are still okay. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

On a happier note, white everyone was on the edge of their seats for tonights CU – NMSU game CU barely squeeked by in their first match up beating NMSU 39 – 0.

Deann, if you ever read this 😛

We did a bunch of house stuff today, bought a sweet ladder, some grout, pruners, a rake, furnace filters, weed and grass killer and some winterizing fertilizer/weed killer. I also bought a spreader from my neighbor across the street. The best part, all this stuff cost us $5! That coincidentally was the cost of the spreader. I love gift cards.

Tomorrow, er um today at this point, is grout Sunday. Going to spend the morning cutting out bad grout in one of the guest bathrooms and pray that I don’t f it up. We gotta clean the gutters too as well as mow, trim and edge. I feel so old.

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