I feel sorry for Canadians

Lately I have received various contest flyers. Like win a million bucks, or a trip for two to some exotic destination. Being the loser I am I like to read the fine print. So the last few I have read have two sections, one for US folks and one for Canadians.

The US is the typical must be 18 or older to play, Canada usually says the same thing. However at the end of the requirements for Canada it always says something to the effect “winner must be able to complete moth problem.”

So you bust your ass to win a contest and then in all the hoopla you have to do a math problem? What happens if you suck at math? I can’t have $1 million because I can’t add fractions! Bastards!

After getting all worked up I realized I’m not in Canada and I don’t really care, but it is kinda funny.

2 thoughts on “I feel sorry for Canadians”

  1. They should make you take the shut the f*&^ up test. I bet you FAIL! For what it’s worth, I hear not being able to spell is the cool thing these days. k by thx

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