Follow up to Avs/Red Wings game

It was definitely played like a pre-season game, since it was. Most of the Wings players were scrubs while the Avs ran all their lines. I’m not too disappointed, looking forward to regular season play.

Now here are my gripes, I know there are guys trying to make the team, but there were a million fights in the second period. A couple were expected but a few were just pointless and slowed the game down.

Note to Avs fans, if you are going to boo Brad May, be consistent. You can’t boo him them cheer him when he checks someone. Doy. Also, when Hinote makes a sweet hip-check it’s okay to cheer, when the opponent player gets hurt because of a check like that it is NOT okay to cheer. Dumbasses. Hinot made a great hit, it was unfortunate the other guy got hurt, but sportsmanship falls into the fans hands as well.

I’m going tonight to the last home pre-season game against LA. I believe tonight is scrub night for the Avs, all the guys trying to get a spot on the team.

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