Avs vs Stars, Buffs, Gripes

Well, game two for the Avs turned out much better, a win. I missed the first 4.5 minutes and there were already two penalties!

All in all another good game, nice debut for Peter Budaj. I was a little miffed at the first goal, but late in the game they showed a better angle of the bouncy puck and I therefore let him off the hook.

Of course how could we let this go by without talking about the last part of the third period. While you can argue I am biased because I am an Avs fan I am still all for clean hockey, and that hit on Arnott was clean. It was unfortunate the separators in the glass gashed his face but that is no reason to “attack” Hinote. These is awfully reminiscent of the whole Steve Moore clean hit on Marcus Naslund that resulted in Todd Bertuzzi almost killing Steve Moore.

There are always going to be clean, legal hits that end up with an unexpected outcome of someone getting hurt, sometimes badly. However, attacking that player like a freaking psychopath is not necessary. That little situation with Hinote and Arnott resulted in 2 penalties against Arnott, a 5 minute major and a 2 minute minor which favored us the chance to score and win the game.

So now Arnott has a nice gash on his face, a potential game suspension and they lost. Nice work dipshit. Glad I;m an Avs fan and not a Starts fan, I would be pissed off.

Ok, on to other sports news, CU Buffs had another successful homecoming victory beating the crap out of Texas A&M. While the starters played on offense it seemed like they could do little wrong. A great win for CU and a great way to keep homecoming weekend brewing. I can’t wait to read about hospital admissions on Monday morning.

Lastly, my continued griping about nothing. Lately I have noticed a number of auto enthusiast sites posting content from another auto enthusiast site without permission and passing it off as discussion material. This has occurred a few times on my site (www.rmcb5.com) but I am getting a little ticked at these people that liberate photos, bandwidth and content from another site to try and attract visitors. Of course of the original content posters don’t care so be it, I still find it cheap not giving recognition or a link to the site that the content was originally posted on.

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