Canucks vs Avs

EDIT: To quote Bert:

It is what it is

Well it is the first home game since Todd Bertuzzi ruined the career of Steve Moore, yet the NHL out of the kindness of their hearts reinstated Bert while Moore still suffers and tries to somehow find a way back to playing hockey, or ockey for you French Canadians.

So, to you Mr Bertuzzi i salute you for your courage to continue playing in this tough, trying period of your life. With that I took the liberty of searching the web to find out the best way to express to you what the Colorado Avalanche fans, and most likely Steve Moore are feeling, I apologize in advance to any of my friends and relatives who might be offended as well as any whiney ass Bertuzzi sympathizers for being behind him, none of these pictures are mine, they are all courtesy of Google image search:

I certainly hope I got my point across,

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