Mystic River

Mystic River (2003)

With a childhood tragedy that overshadowed their lives, three men are reunited by circumstance when one loses a daughter.

Directed by
Clint Eastwood

Drama, Crime, Mystery

Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, Marcia Gay Harden, Laura Linney, Kevin Chapman, Tom Guiry, Emmy Rossum, Spencer Treat Clark, Andrew Mackin, Adam Nelson, Robert Wahlberg, Jenny O’Hara, John Doman

My Review
Screw the critics and Academy Award nominations, this film was…was…lame? All in all the acting was well done as well as the directing, but the meat of the movie was completely predictable and the “end” of the movie was just down right ridiculous. I blame this on a weak story.

I can see how some folks thought this was a phenomenal movie, good cast, good idea for a story and so on, but the reality is they try to create doubt and confusion over Dave Boyle, but in just watching the film you know that is not possible based on the details presented alone. They talk about the trunk of the car, but if you pay attention in the film you know it has nothing to do with the issue at hand (trying not to spoil anything here).

I am thankful it was a Netflix rental as I almost saw this in the theater. Had I done that I would have been bitching and complaining the whole way home.

Please, screenwriters, directors, actors, please come up with something good in the next year. I cannot take anymore of this mediocrity we see every other weekend at the box office.

4 thoughts on “Mystic River”

  1. I thought the coolest thing about this movie was that they did a _great_ job fictionalizing the Boston neighborhood used for the setting.

    There is an abandoned state mental hospital in West Roxbury/JP, the zoo is in Roxbury but it isn’t abandoned, the Mystic River borders Chelsea and Charlestown, and visually the scenes could also have been South Boston, East Boston, Roxbury, or Dorchester.

    Because they amalgamated the neighborhood, there were no actual details to be wrong, so it seems more authentic than any other movie set in Boston I have ever seen.

  2. That is pretty cool, I don’t like it when movies attempt to take place in a certain area and really don’t portray it in an authentic view. Not nowing the Boston area, it was pretty much just another place.

    Glad to see that a Mass. native can appreciate what they did!

  3. While I may agree the movie was not the greatest, I defend the writer, Dennis Lehane writes a great mystery novel. However, Mystic River was not his personel best, I reccommend Shutter Island.

    Blame the screen writer and whoever chose Tim Robbins, he was woefully miscast.

  4. Good to know, I will check that out, I tend to be a bit overboard on my complaining sometimes. I think it was all the hype surrounding the film, the oscars and all that that made me feel that this was going to be a slam dunk, boy was I wrong (hence the complaining).

    I will have to get a hold of Shutter Island and find some time.

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