Thinking about an X-Box 360?

Think again? A friend sent me a link to this article on fox news: Don’t Buy the Xbox 360

I laughed at first because I thought it was just a rip on padding Bill’s wallet but it was pretty good. Especially with some folks still having tight budgets and demanding kids (or spouses in some cases).

However, at the same time I can’t believe the pre-orders all sold out. This article does a good job of pointing out the obvious, the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution aren’t out yet and we all know what happens when they hit the market. Prices will adjust. Not to mention, knowing MS, the new X-Box will probably be buggy as hell and crash a lot. 😉

In the end, I am at least waiting for the PS3, and I expect backwards compatibility to at least my good PS2 games. I can’t think of any PSone games I still play except for an occasional NHL game from time to time.

So read the above article, it’s very good, and in the end, the best part of it is the last quote, but you gotta read the article to see it.

One thought on “Thinking about an X-Box 360?”

  1. I just traded my shitty xbox games in for the new xbox game: “the warriors”

    best game concept, gameplay, and mayhem ever created. just run around being a thug, beating down people, mugging them, stealing their car radio, and attempting to be in the biggest gang in new york.

    get the warriors, screw xbox 360.

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