Goodbye Wendie Jo

Late last night I read about the passing of Wendie Jo Sperber. Some of you may be asking, who is Wendie Jo? Well if you grew up int he 80’s you know who she is. From her role on Bosom Buddies, to playing Michael J Fox’s sister in Back to the Future. She was also in Moving Violations, a favorite film of mine with a lesser known Murray brother.

Anyway, she always made people laugh. Well at least made me laugh in her roles. A strange thing occurred last week. My Fiancee and I could not sleep, it was about 3:30 AM so we turned on the TV, I flipped through some channels. Low and behold, on comes a re-run of Bosom Buddies. I haven’t seen a Bosom Buddies episode in probably 10 years. I think it was a sign.

So with that, Godspeed Wendie Jo, you made us all smile through the years.

Here is an article on Yahoo! about her passing: “Bosom Buddies” Pal Dies

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