A Night to Remember?

Or maybe not.

Battling this crap I have I find my bride to be barely making it into the house and spending the rest of the night praying to the porcelain God. It seems she got some bad food yesterday.

Along with that my body seemed to be staging a wicked battle against what ails me so between taking care of my woman and my body battling germies I got absolutely no sleep last night. I guess that wouldn’t be an entirely true statement as I think I slept from about 5 – 7am.

So in my restlessness I decided to get up and watch some TV. I turn it on, hey ESPN! Wait a minute, what was this I was witnessing, a history making event! I caught the last few minutes of the 2005 National Scrabble Championship. Yes, I watched it to the end. Quite intense and very nerdy. Maybe it was the germ warfare occurring inside my body that made me watch it, maybe it was the delirium from the lack of sleep.

Unfortunately it didn’t stop there. I flip through some more channels and was lucky to catch a glimpse in the waning moments of a fine film entitled Double Team. I have never witnessed such fine acting as I did at that point. I must say I cannot imagine how Dennis Rodman was not nominated for an Oscar. Oh and Jean-Claude Van Damme…I mean it’s always a win with him. I only wish I could have enjoyed the whole film. Ok, I can’t keep up this up anymore, yes, it was horrible.

Just when I thought I would be stuck with infomercials or Saved By the Bell re-runs I stumbled across Road Trip. So I settled down and bared with the commercials and edits, but it was pretty well unedited, showed the blind girl flip off SWS and the old man with the boner. Not that I enjoy that, but it is a funny scene nonetheless.

So was it a night to remember? Not really, but since I haven’t really slept I’m sure I will be remembering it until I get caught up.

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