What are you looking forward to this year?

This always seems to be the question you get going into a new year and I figure now that I am feeling a little better I would toss it out there.

2005 was a decent year for me, had some ups and downs, but overall it was good. We bought a house, moved into it, I got a new car, went through some difficult times with some health stuff again and wasted another December with some crappy colds.  I was able to see one of my best friends get married, another move back to Colorado and another announce their future as a parent. I spent the last quarter of 2005 working on eating “more apporpriately” and getting myself to the weight I want to be at (now I just need to get in shape!).

Looking forward, I hope this year brings more success for me and my fiancee as well as my family and friends. I look forward to finishing up furnishing and painting our home, working on the Scout, getting in shape, better health and hopefully the end of this rollercoaster of a ride I have been through the last couple years. I hope we can find the time to have ur wedding this year, and for me to inch that much closer to getting my degree.

So here’s to 2006! I hope everyone out there has a great year and stays happy and healthy.

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