Old Look

Well after a lot, and I mean A LOT of complaining from Mad Matt and Gilbs I have reverted to the original look. I really enjoy the layout and features of the theme I was using, however I realize my faithful readers found it too confusing and a challenge to use.

So here ya go, old look, same crappy posts. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Old Look”

  1. i don’t understand how people can be so confused by squible.
    is clicking on links really that much harder than the scroll bar?
    personally i’d rather see where i’m going that scroll through 10 pages of drivel before finding anything else interesting.

  2. I know, I REALLY like squible. I think the non-bloggers of the world find it harder to use while those that have their own blog find it completely useful.

    By the way, I really like what you did with the squible theme. I was going to wait until it was firther along in beta before delving into the customizing too much.

  3. thanks! the CSS stuff is pretty future-proof, and the rest is fairly simple, i just have to remember all of it. i’m still trying to decide whether to add a sidebar now, or wait for beta1

  4. I can’t decide if I want to leave a comment, annotation, remark, or witty observation.

    [aside]Jay is a nerd[/aside]

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