Those of you that use My Yahoo! should be noticing some cool changes going on. First off the removal of content items happens without a page refresh and you can now drag and drop/re-order the content modules on the page.

I am guessing their next step will be to allow content adding and refreshing without a page refresh. Google has offered this for a little while now in their beta version of the personalized home page.

The one issue still is cross browser compatibility. I am not an expert of “ajax” which is where this is all leading, but from what little I have worked with it you sometimes need so much code to handle browser compatibility it makes the job unbearable. I believe this is the reason Google keeps gmail and the homepage at beta. Though looking I see the beta image seems to be gone from the home page, but today is MLKjr Holiday so maybe the beta will show back up tomorrow.

Well anyway, if you use My Yahoo! check out the new features. This is very cool stuff and you will be seeing more and more dynamic elements like this coming to sites all over the place. It is like a mad dash to see who can crank out the coolest stuff.

If you want to read up more on “ajax” and uses check out some cool sites such as, Sun Developer Network, Ruby On Rails and Rico. Each of these sites show how dynamic html and ajax can work together to create some really kickass web sites/applications.

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  1. It seems that they may have been “testing” it earlier as I no longer have the functionality I described in this post.

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