So Saturday night I was over at A-Train’s house to watch the Broncos embarrass Tom ‘Don’t Pressure Me’ Brady and the Pats lose. It was a great game, I consumed a number of Old Style’s and PBRs.

However, that wasn’t enough. Someone had the bright idea of going out after that, so we ventured to the Cricket. It was packed, old school rules, fight for a table. We took the easy way out, there was a creepy guy talking to these girls so we butted in and asked for their table. Quite the gentlemen we are. So then we proceeded to get the worst service I have received in my…well lets just say a very long time..beng a customer. Regardless we pulled down a few pitchers of beer, some fries rings (which we ordered as WINGS!) and eventually our wings. Thinking about it now, that was one unhealthy meal.

Since we had a new person with us, Bruiser, he had not yet experienced all that there is of good places to get drunk in Cherry Creek. So we hoofed it to the Roo Bar. Janalee, the best server/bartender/owner in the world was working. She took care of us as always. However, after as many drinks as I had, no one, and I mean NO ONE, should allow me to put $5 in a jukebox.

I made the mistake of playing a couple songs as….jokes. Since there was such a mixed crowd, it came back to haunt me as I had to suffer through these songs as well for what seemed like an eternity. Fortunately for me, and everyone else at the bar. They had some great classics for drinking too and best of all, it was closing time before we got through them all so not only did I waste money on bad songs, we got stuck hearing those before they closed and I felt like a real ass.

I will have to admit, that is the most inebriated I have been in a very long time. I had to crash at Gilbs house I was in such bad shape. I don’t think my fiancee appreciated the 3:00am phone call of me trying to tell her I’m just going to have a class of water and some food and I’ll sober up. 🙂

In the end I slept pretty much all day Sunday, until about 3pm. The problem now is when I do that I get pissed off because I know I just wasted a day. One good thing did come out of it, or bad thing depending how you look at it. Joe has GTA: San Andreas, which I have been fighting off buying since it came out. I klept telling myself it was going to suck, and I would hate it. Then I played it, now I must acquire my own copy of this fantastic game.

That’s all for the moment, thanks Joe for letting me crash and A-Train, if you’re reading thanks for having the party, it was fun!

2 thoughts on “Eradicator!”

  1. We were missing one d00d last saturday:


    (and chad and justin and dan and a few others too)

    Miss that fucker, wish he’d hang out again soon. It was a good time, Thanks to Sanford and bruiser and stu. shit finally got to see stu again.

  2. I hear that. They all missed out. I haven’t heard from one of those individuals in about 5 months so I can’t imagine it will happen anytime soon.

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