Pros ‘n Cons

There are pros and cons to having a blog, or any other sort of web presence where people that know you, might find out more about you.  With that you have pros and cons. Pros being that people who live far away or haven’t had time to catch up with you can. Cons being, things you MIGHT want to share or things you do share will be, or may potentially be, viewed by people you don’t want to have reading.

With that, there are a number of things on my mind, but I can’t share them because of the “Cons” part of this idea.

Oh, and you know what else sucks about the Cons part. Posts like this that leave you…..wondering. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pros ‘n Cons”

  1. You sound like a candidate for heavy drinking.

    If college taught us nothing else, heavy drinking will solve every problem right?

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