OMG, Bode Miller, OMG

Here’s the deal, as far as I can tell Bode is a guy that loves to ski and have fun. Fortunately for him, he is a great skier, and is sponsored well and is supported by doing something he loves. Sure you can say he was a flop at the Olympics and that his apres ski reputation precedes him, but you know what. Go Bode.

If I could have been good enough to be a professional skier, earning endorsements, sponsors, and have celebrity like status I would have been just like Bode. His comments last night about how he wanted to experience the whole Olympics, not just the competition aspect, but the party aspect were dead on. Why not!

Sure you can argue that if he isn’t going to be dead serious about skiing and competing for a US medal then he shouldn’t be there. You can always speculate, even Bode said he felt like he skied as good as he does when he wins major events. However, you still need those 3 or 4 other guys to ski worse than you to win anything. Some of these olympians make their life all about this sport they compete in. Most of them will be forgotten over time, others will end up doing cheesy commercials around future Olympic years. Like Bode, why not enjoy the entire time, don’t just spend yout time locked up thinking about how you are going to compete tomorrow.
While I have never competed professionally in any sport, there is always something at stake. Being in the public eye means scrutiny which in turn means anything you say or do could blow up in your face. The great thing about Bode, is that he keeps the carefree attitude.

Now don’t get me wrong, just because I am jealous of Bode, doesn’t mean I am 100% behind him. The thing that bothers me most about Bode, is his recent grab for more attention, whether deliberate or not, kind of takes away from his whole viewpoint of ski, party and have fun without the need for the spotlight.

Bode Miller will be the guy that long after his professional competing has ended he will be able to settile in and instruct, and do other face time evnts for money to live off of wile continuing to ski and live the life.

Regardless of what abyone else says, good effort at the Olympics Bode, who cares what everyone else thinks, you are living the dream (in my opinion) enjoy it while it lasts.

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