The teacher did his job, so why all the hate?

Unless you are livng under a rock, the last 48 hours have had heavy rotation of a local student and teacher issue. The student RECORDED his teacher’s lecture because he doesn’t like his teachers views. Here is a link to an article on about an update to the story.

If you read the article, the part I find most interesting is the following quote:

“At the beginning of every semester (Bennish) tells his students, you know, I’m going to be throwing out stuff that even I don’t believe in, ok? I’m just trying to provoke you guys into taking positions”

This of course was quoted from his lawer, but if that is the case, then the teacher did his job. Teh student took a stance, but took it too far. The kid feels what he did is right, meaning, recorded his teachers lecture and went crying home to mommy and daddy that he didn’t like what he heard. This is HIGH SCHOOL.

It seems like every time there is a high school teacher who pushes their students to think like adults, it always backfires and ends up in the press. That is then followed up by statements that teachers aren’t teaching our kids well enough. No one wins.

The teachers have to watch what they say, according to this action they don’t seem to be protected by the first amendment. Yet the student seems to be protected by it.

Personally I think this student has an agenda. I have a friend who’s wife teaches high school at the same school and has run into issues. She was failing a student because they didn’t do their assignments or participate in class as outlined. When confronted by the parents, they said, pas my kid or else.

What kind of parent is that? Pass my kid or else? Or else what, your fucked up little brat can go off to college where he will drop out from smoking too much dope or drinking too much beer because mommy and daddy will make everything right? Do they really want him living in their basement until they die? If your kid is too stupid to even make an effort to pass the class they should be failed. If the kid at least made some effort and really just struggled then yeah, maybe there would be a sympathy D or something, but why pass a kid who doesn’t want to do school work because their parents tell you to?

When I was in school I was no star pupil, I even had issues with some things said by my teachers, but as you learn through them, you learn that information is always dissemenated differently by each person. You could take the same course with a different instructor and they may focus more time on a particular topic or even tell you things you don’t want to hear.

If your mind is too fragile to handle the opinion of another person, you will be a social deviant the rest of your life. Everyone has an opinion about everything. Just like this entire post is my opinion on the article, the student, teachers and society.

I think the student in this case should be expelled from the high school for creation a disruptive environment for the other students, creating walkouts and mayhem because he didn’t like what he heard in class.

2 thoughts on “The teacher did his job, so why all the hate?”

  1. Jay, High School is NOT the place for open discussion, formulating new ideas, taking positions or learning to think critically!

    Its the place to pick up chicks.

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