Elephant Bar Restaurant

I had to post this as a review.

We went to this establishment last night to celebrate the fiancee’s completion of finals for the quarter. I will have to say what a great restaurant! Now not everything was perfect, but the things that are important to me were top notch.

Our server was a little quiet and timid. It was hard to understand him, probably didn’t help that we were seated by the kitched. I ordered a Mai Tai and a water, I dunno, something about the place required a tropical drink. We ended up sharing the Mai Tai, reminded us of being at Khahunaville in Vegas, only the drink was a lot smaller and I wasn’t wasted. 🙂

We ordered similar dishes, I had the blackened catfish with jambalaya. She had the Jambalaya with chicken added. The food was great! The prices aren’t that far off for the what i call, upscale chains. I think each of our dinners were like $12 or $13. Plenty of food too, but not an obscene amount. Between the two of us we had enough left over to feed one of us today.

So far, drinks good, food great, server so-so. At this point we were stuffed but saw the dessert menu. They have this sort of ice cream sandwich which is comprised of two big fresh baked cookies, vanilla ice cream rolled in oreo cookie bits, drizzled with chocolate and caramel as well as more oreo cookie bits. By the way, I hate using the word drizzled, sounds dirty. Anyway, it was AWESOME. I was so full from dinner, yet I felt compeled to eat this dessert. I would say we got through about 2/3 of it, it was very big.

In the duration of our visit a few things I noticed. It did take awhile to get my Mai Tai and they weren’t that busy. We had a clear view of the bar and the bartenders had an easy night at that point. It did get busier but I saw drinks being delivered left and right. As for the dinner, seemed like it took a little too long, but not long enough for me to complain. The dessert took FOREVER to get, which is probably why I ate so much of it. In sitting by the kitchen you sometimes hear things. I head about 3 or 4 different servers comeback complaining they has the wrong food for a table.

So in the end, great good and drinks, service may be a bit sketchy, however we were there in a Sunday evenening. Not really the best staff on those shifts. Also, they are always VERY busy. We have tried going a few other times on Friday or Saturday but the wait is too long.

I still recommend the place, it has a good vibe when you are in there. The bar looks really cool too, would be awesome for happy hour.

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