Good Riddance Isaac Hayes.

While I respected you for a long time, “the line has been crossed.” I am with matt Stone in his comments that because of YOUR religion Scientology you are quitting South Park. I’m guessing the “church” of Scientology probably contacted Isaac and said “Hey man, don’t let them diss us and our highest profile believers.”

If you haven’t heard the news yet, you can read it on Yahoo!

Now Matt and Trey have been offending viewers, pissing off religious groups and pinpointing the most obvious issues with celbrities in the world. The show isn’t for everyone, but you can’t tell me Mr. Hayes spent 8 years doing a show he didn’t agree with.

Remember folks, Scientology it not real. It is just a giant tax shelter for rich celebs who are crazy. Although it can be argued the biggest fool is our government for not stepping in and shutting down the “church.”

There have been a few other churches like this…it usually ended with everyone wearing the same outfits and Nike shoes, drinking some poisoned kool aid. Yeah. Nut Jobs.

So in the end, South Park wont be the same without chef, but I hope to hell they rub his face in it.

Just to be clear I am tolerant of all religions and people…except for the clearly fraudulent ones such as Scientology. Also, I have no tolerance for idiots, rapists, murderers, wife beaters, child beaters, child molesters, stalkers, Dakota Fanning, road ragers, work ragers, you know, generally bad people, NO TOLERANCE.

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