I’m a snow throwing mofo!


I got to use my badass snowblower that’s been sitting in my garage…unused…since I got it about a month ago. I was a little dissappointed this morning. There wasn’t really a justifiable amount of snow to use it on. So I shoveled the sidewalk so the neighborhood kids who have their f’n bus stop right in fron t of my house don’t fall and have their parents sue me.

I sat there at work today wishing I could just fire that baby up…with it’s electric start…and clear away all the snow. Well low and behold when I got home, everything I shoveled, the sidewalk and my steps, were nicely covered again. The tracks in your driveway from leaving this morning were nonexistent…so I knew that meant one thing. Time to fire up the bohemoth!

So I get the snowblowere situated, grab the extension cord, plug it in to the machine…press the button…brrr brrr brrr brrrrroOOOOOOMMMMM! It fires up!

Now keep in mind this puppy has 6 forward gears and 2 revers gears, is self propelled and has seperate controls for the auger and drive. So i set out cruising downt he drive way in gear 3, then head down the sidewalk. Now, imagine this, the kids all got home around 3:30 so they walked trhough teh snow which has created ice where there size 5s trugged through the snow. I could feel the beast bucking at the ice, so I dropped it to 1st gear, and let it crawl anhialating any ice it encountered. I even cleared my neighbors sidewalk for her.

I did a 180 and headed back to my house to complete the clearing of my drive way. It was little effort for this monster. It moved that snow like it was Michael Jackson after an acquittal. I intentionally directed the chute to pile up the snow in the next row so it would be more of a challenge for this unstoppable snow chewing engine. You could hear the motor working hard as the auger just took out everything in it’s path.

This story isn’t all about perfection though. I must admit it was a bit hard to control at times, probably because I had never used it before. By the time I finished up I had it figured out. I looked up and down my street seeing many a drive that needed clearing. However, I was too cold to continue.

So I quickly shoveled the steps, put the car in the garage and headed inside for warmth. Here are some details on this kickass snowblower, keep in mind the price listed is not anywhere near what I paid.
Yard Machines 8hp Electric Start Snowthrower

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