It’s too short she said….

…no…no…not that…perv.

Tonight was fun to say the least. What a great time seeing old friends I don’t get to see that often. It of course spun us into a lot of reminiscing. which has it’s pros and cons. It allows you to remember past events with a smile, but at the same time makes you long for those days in a certian way.

I think I said it the best today to a co-worker when I told him that I wish I could go back to the days of my early twonties, only making the money I do now, having the things I have now and of course, most importantly having my fiancee like I do now.

While she was there for a good part of those days, she wasn’t there for all of it.

Honestly, I guess in my mind, who doesn’t long for some of their past. Sure some folks had some bad times and would rather forget it. Even if there were those one or two moments that made them happy, wouldn’t they want them back?

I tend to be a very family/friend oriented person. Both mean the world to me. One of my friends told me of the end of their relationship with someone else and it really saddened me. This is a person i always have seen as a very happy person, even when single, so this was pretty bothersome.

Regardless, tonight was nice to hang out with friends that just recently had a kid. We felt a little awkward because we have only cats and can’t really share in the stories, but it was nice nonetheless to hear them and see hte joy in their faces. It let’s me know just how happy they are.

We all talked, the guys, of a retreat this summer, I really hope we make it work out. I sincerely miss out drunken nights and hangin out. It’s all a part of growing up I always say, regardless it is always hard to pass up those days of sitting around watching a movie killing off the useless brain cells.

Well the beer has settled in, the music is playing, yes I still can’t make it through a whole song after 8 drinks, so I will leave you with this post.

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