Sheryl Crow Kissed me…..

…the proof is long gone, not that it was really legible by anyone with 20/20.

Back in the day when Tuesday Night Music Club was becoming a hit, the HORDE Festival was here in Denver at Fiddlers Green. My buddy Nasca talked me into getting my ass out of bed to go meet Sheryl Crow. SHERYL CROW! I said, why waste my time with this wannabe. Well obviously I was wrong, but I was hungover so give me a break.

Anyway, we head out to compact discovery, a now long defunct CD store back when CDs were for the 1337. I looked like ass. Tired, hung over, dressed to the ….what is less than t? z? Anyway, it was my turn for the autograph, I asked Ms Crow if I could step behind the counter for the photo, she agreed.

In all my clumsiness I staggered behind the fold out table and crouched down next to Ms Crow. As my frind readied the disposable camera Ms Crow leaned over and planted one on me as my friend took the picture. Of course just my luck the picture never turned out.

That’s not so bad though, I’ve got my witnesses but after that day I said, this girl will be big. Sure she was HUGE for that album, but she has stayed aroudn, and showed her staying power all these years. I am forver a Sheryl Crow fan after that day even though it means nothing. Just the fact she did that for a fan that didn’t relaly even know who she was let me know how much her fans meant to her, so in my book, she will always be good.

So witnesses, picturesm whatever, Sheryl Crow kissed me and I will take that too my grave because it was definitley an honor for me to receive that fortunate smooch.

One thought on “Sheryl Crow Kissed me…..”

  1. I made out with her for like 20 minutes in the atlanta airport one time. AFTER she got big, of course.

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