New Look, New Feel, No Way!

Yep, I have been struggling to find a new look that meshed with what information I like to present to you, my faithful readers. This one seems to be the winner, for now at least.

I will work on getting a new header graphic rolling. This theme gives me the ability to have it display different headings randomly, I hope to accomplish that!

So bear with me while I get through setting this all up. On a side note you will notice the Gallery is now integrated and has a matching theme to boot!

Here are a few tips:

  • Click on the the plus (+) or minus (-) in the upper right corner of each post to expand or contract it.
  • Click on the random photo to the right to see a larger version of that picture!
  • Drink a beer, preferably a coors.
  • Um that’s it I guess, just posting random shit right now to fill up space.

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