What a weekend

It was so crazy that it took me until today to post about it. Okay, so it wasn’t crazy in a way that I would usually enjoy. Instead it involved a visit to the tax man, who agve me good news of a return instead of owing like I thought.

Then the arrival of some new furniture, followed by an adventurous trip to Conifer to retrieve a water pump for the Scout.

I know, I know, not very crazy yet.

So then Gilbs comes over to help work on the Scout, we get the old water pump off, do some scraping fo the old gasket, drink a bunch of beer and give up when we can’t free the bolts from the old water pump to remove the belt pulleys. We continued to drink and watch Hot Dog: The movie.

We also got the motorcycle fired up but the battery was dead so it wouldn’t run right.

Sunday was spent working on the bolt removal from the old water pump…no luck. Charging the motorcycle battery, luck and getting the ol piglet fired up. Took the pig for a ride around the block and was happy.

We did some yard work, which was less fun.

See, see how crazy the weekend was! Ugh, it was not crazy at all. I am just really really really really really really really really lame.

However, I have garnered a small amount of internet interest in a post I made about Bon Jovi almost two years ago. Well like a year and a half ago. Check out the post and the corresponding comments. Thank God most of them are foreign so they are nice to me. If it were other Americans responding they would be dropping f bombs left and right and telling me how much I suck. Um, anyway, here is the post:

What the hell is wrong with Bon Jovi

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