Death in Gaza

Death in Gaza (2004)The harrowing documentary that portrays the horror of the Israeli conflict and the resulting death of its director, James Miller.

Directed by
James Miller


James Miller, Saira Shah

My Review

I…I am pretty speechless. I can’t remember the last time I actually shed a tear watching a movie. I think maybe Bambi when I was a little kid. At least that was a cartoon and it wasn’t real.

This film, while only able to show the Palestinian life of three kids, is very sad in so many ways. Documentaries can be difficult to watch, sometimes they are bland, boring and unless it is a topic you are truely passionate about aren’t very interesting.

I rented this documentary because we read about the tragedies, and the struggles of the conflicts between the Israelis and Palestinians. I believe this to be a worthy rental, for anyone who wants to get a closer glimpse into the life of the people that live with this on a daily basis.

Sadly the Director was killed during the filming by the Israeli army, so you never get to see an Israeli side to the story.

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