Back from Easter, Vegas Style.

That’s right, the Jeepers have their big Easter Safari and I have my big Easter sin-fest…sin city fest that is.

It was merely a coincidence that I ended up in Vegas on Easter. We planned out the trip before we knew it was the holiday. I am so glad we went, it was nice to get out of Denver for a few days and go crazy.

Of course now we are back and all teh shit I forgot about for a few days is back in my life making me crazy in an un-fun way.

Anyway, here are some pics, be sure to see the rest in our vacation gallery!



One thought on “Back from Easter, Vegas Style.”

  1. Oh yeah, the Lion Cages at the MGM!

    It was always so great to stand there drunk reeking of smoke and cheap hotdogs and watch a 35 year old gambling addicted, college dropout throw baseball sized pieces of ground beef at the faces of 3-4 tired, and defeated Lions!

    Glad you had fun! Sin CITY baby!!!!!

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