Waiting... (2005)Young employees at Shenaniganz restaurant collectively stave off boredom and adulthood with their antics.

Directed by
Rob McKittrick


Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, David Koechner, Luis Guzmán, Chi McBride, John Francis Daley, Kaitlin Doubleday, Robert Patrick Benedict, Alanna Ubach, Vanessa Lengies, Max Kasch, Andy Milonakis, Dane Cook, Jordan Ladd

My Review
For anyone who has ever worked in a chain restaurant before you will probably enjoy this movie more than someone who has not. Of course it plays on the age old fears of messing with a csutomers food when they piss off the server as could be expected.

This looks like it was an indie film that got picked up, just by the filming and the dialogue. There are some funny parts and it brings back some memories for me from working at the Walnut Brewery (now Rock Bottom) near Park Meadows. Just the servers always getting into little sqaubbles, crappy customers,  long shifts and then the partrying that ensued afterwards, either at a bar or a house.

Well there ya go, a good rental for former (or current) restaurant workers and probably a wait for late night cable for everyone else.

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