Trying to find a new bike

I decided it’s time to stop living in the past and get with it! Okay, it’s more that I really love riding and don’t do it enough because I am hampered by my vintage japanese motorcycle.

I have been wanting to get into the touring/sport touring workd for the past few years. I just wasn’t sure the best path to go to get into it. I am not ready for a BIG bike like a 1000cc+. I am looking more around the 600 – 750cc range.

After doing some searching and looking for what’s the best I can get for the money I want to spend, I feel that a BMW is in my future, specifically the K75. This is a 750cc bike made from 1986-1995 (I think). It is an inline 3 and is known as they brick because of the way the engine sticks out from the bike.

It uses a driveshaft like a car, so no chain or belt. There are pros and cons to that and this isn’t the time and place for it. All in all they are very nice bikes.

I found one last week I wanted, checked it out and was ready to buy it pending an inspection, let the seller know and then he sold it to someone else. Oh well. I gues hte funny thing is he is still waiting for the money from the buyer wheras he would have had the money from me already. 🙂

So here I go searching again, I am such a demanding person that when I find something I want I get pretty relentless in my quest to get it (within reason of course).

A very ncie gentleman just called me from KC with what sounded like a SWEET K75, but it was more than I could afford to spend right now.

Once I do find my next bike, the Hondamatic will be for sale to help offset the cost of the new bike. I hate to sell it, but I don’t have room for two bikes.

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  1. Ugh, another one slips away. I swear, it’s like you have to call and say I’ll buy it without seeing it to get one of these.

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