Happy Birthday to Me!

Well so I am a day late in posting this. That’s okay, I think everyone forgot about my birthday. Especially you stranger!

I at least expected my fiancee who was with me all weekend to remember my birthday, but I guess in the chaos that occured yesterday it slipped her mind.

Anyway, I did get a great birthday present, from me, to me. It is a 1989 BMW K100RS SE (Special Edition). It has ABS and a two tone paint scheme done in the BMW white and blue (like the logo). It is my first BMW bike and my first non Honda.

I will upload the pictures to the gallery later and add them to this post. I am happy the search is over! I will also post back with the details of the crazy day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Happy Birthday Jay,

    I didn’t forget it was your birthday…..I never knew.

    Enjoy the new toy, I’m guessing trips up to Estes Park would be really pleasant via motorcycle.


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