Rot in Hell Stantons (Discount Disposal)

These turd burglars closed up shop thursday with my prepaid years worth of trash service. I am looking to get their address, their home address that is, in Highlands Ranch.

If anyone knows it please contact me, I have some trash to drop off at their house.

If you are not aware and are wondering why your trash hasn’t been picked up in two weeks read the 9news article.

4 thoughts on “Rot in Hell Stantons (Discount Disposal)”

  1. Jay,
    We also got screwed by ABC/Discount Disposal….. I’m extremely pissed. Have you come across the Stanton’s home address? I just searched dexonline and found the following address. They owe me $150. I think I’ll also drop off my recyclying trash can.

    (removed name and address)

  2. Jason –

    I haven’t come across their address yet. I posted this entry then headed out of town for a week. I have a feeling they will be moving soon as is. However, I still tink it would be great to drop off trash at their house. I only know of a few names associated witht he company and I am not sure that is one.

    I filed a report with the BBB as well, not sure if you have, but please do.

    Also, if you do a search there under Discount Disposal and ABC Recycling you will find complaints and names. 🙂

    I understand the Douglas County DA is looking into filing charges. Which is feasable since they defrauded customers. I assume you got a letter in April like a number of us asking to pay for your year then to help with their billing cycle management. I believe that was just a lie and that they were already out of money by then and did it to just try and stay afloat longer.

    I signed up with Eagle Waste Services. They are going to let me use my Discount Disposal can and they will just throw a sticker on it. This way I don’t have to leave a deposit with them.

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