I need a new Camera

My 5 year old Olympus 2.1mpx digi cam is just not good enough anymore. It is too bulky and cumbersome, it is slow as hell.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great little upgrade from my old olympus that was stolen and it has taken about 90% of the pictures I have posted in my gallery.

Here are the ones I am considering, help me decide!

Olympus 710 – Chad and Wendi have this camera and I got to see it in action in Vegas. It is the right size and seems to take good pictures. Still waiting on those Vegas pics to see for sure…ahem. Not to mention it is 7.1mpx. However it does use the xD memory which is a bit of a pain.

Sony DSC-T9 – What can you say, it’s a sony, it is very nice, about $50 more than the Olympus. Big drawback is the proprietary Sony memory.

One thought on “I need a new Camera”

  1. Dude, the Olympus is the way to go…..the system is very user friendly. The pics get listed by day, so it is easier to find the pictures you want if you can remember when they were taken. Also, you can categorize pictures by keywords as well. I LOVE IT!

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