Discount Disposal part 2

Well it seems my post on Rocky Mountain Club B5 hits number one on the search engines (in some cases) for the search term of Discount Disposal.

Fortunately some kind folks have signed up with my much requested information…So here it is:

Darren Stanton
9875 S Merimbula St
Highlands Ranch CO 80130-7167
(303) 683-2973

Click here to see his homes value and location on Zillow, must be nice to live in a $265K home with a $50K SUV after screwing over 6,000 customers.

I say stop by the Stanton’s every week and drop off your trash until your contracted time is up. I mean they made a promise to us, lied to us about the business and had no qualms about taking our money under a cloud of lies.

Sure, as an individual some folks can claim, hey it was only $120, so what. Some people can’t afford to get another service or are putting it on credit cards and adding to their debt. Not to mention, above all, they LIED to us. The took our money under false statements of needing to spread out the billing cycle because of the size of their customer base. We all know now that they lied to us and some of us were suckered into paying a few months early under this false pretense.

Anyway, I certainly hope Darren Stanton enjoys the comfort of his Escalade and his nice Highlands Ranch home. I certainly hope my $120 went to something other than gas for that thing. Hopefully it went to the salary of one of your trash collectors.

14 thoughts on “Discount Disposal part 2”

  1. To comment on my own blog…I read today foreclosure proceedings have begun on his home. Karma is a motherf’r.

  2. Mr. Stanton’s house is in forclosure proceedings, however he’s still in the house, cutting the grass, watering the lawn and there are no signs whatsoever the Stantons are moving out of the property. I’m guessing that they are going to try and cure the debt with the money that they stole from their customers. I think the forclosure was just a ruse. Mr. Stanton just claim that he was the manager of the company, but it’s his. In addition because it’s an LLC he can get away with screwing everyone. I’ve also heard that The Suburban Trash company might have brokered a deal with Stanton right before he shafted his customers. For a list of customers. I don’t know why he’s staying in the house or how the hell he’s going to try and start another business in the Denver Metro area but I’m keeping my eyes open for his ugly head to popup again.

  3. The Stantons of Discount Disposal are having a gargage sale come get your refund!!! pass it along!!!

  4. I wish you people would get all the facts before you trash talk. haha no pun intended. There are names that are not in the public eye that are being protected by using Stantons as scape goats. Dig deeper.

  5. I’m sure there are, maybe yoou can elighten us with your “secret” knowledge so we can spread out the blame ans angst towards the right people.

  6. drama, drama, drama. Its easy to throw blame around. Public records have the names of parties involved…its not secret, but you have to want to find it.

  7. Drama drama drama? Not here, this is my personal blog. If you want ot provide something useful and constructive please post away. Hownever, if you want to “create the drama” don’t bother posting back.

    I do appreciate our effort to drum up some gossip though, keeps hte readers on edge. 🙂

    Maybe I need to do some research on Heather Eversole?

  8. no dirt here. Sorry. But I sincerely hope that in fairness all avenues are checked out. Check away…I know there are 2 sides to every story, and while I cannot provide details, I REALLY WANT you to dig deeper. As far as the drama, I wan’t referring to your blog but other’s responses previous to mine. There is no doubt that customer’s were screwed over, they were innocent bystanders. I would encourage everybody involved to search it out completely.

  9. Thanks Heather. I am still pissed at DD and all those involved, I can live with my $100 loss but am still really upset about how it impacted those that can’t live with that loss.

    It was, in my opinion, a very dishonest thing they chose to do to stay running for just a short period of time. I DO think this is worth investigating further.

    I just need to find the time to do it. 🙁

  10. Hmmm. Last post, I promise. I read the postings on a different site (you’ve posted on) and saw that the name of the other party involved that I referred to was given. I believe the anticipated blame game was what pre-empted the agent name change.

  11. Hey Mr. Stanton has pulled this kinda of rip-off before with Suburban Trash Services. There is still a $7000 outstanding judgement against him. I live down the street from the guy and both him and his wife told us that they own a trash company. Dig deeper, well I know the guy and I know the fact. He’s actualy moving today Tues. August 8th) and he’s actaully parking the moving truck in front a neighbor’s house to hide the fact that he’s leaving town.

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