100,000 verticle feet of fun?

On Saturday I took part in the Colorado Beemers annual 100,000ft ride. Where you head over a number of mountain passes engaging in a 100,000 verticle feet change. The whole ride is about 470 miles, we shortened it up a bit bypassing a two of the passes.

The route was from Lakewood, up I-70, over Bethoud Pass, to Grandby, up Trail Ridge road and back down, then to Misquito Pass, back down to Kremling for lunch. From Kremling up Rabbit Ears pass and back down, then over Gore Pass then to Wolcott. Get on I-70 at Wolcott and take that down to C-470, then to Morrison and Big Bear Park.

We cut out the Misquito pass and Rabbit Ears pass routes. It was a lot of fun, until we left our stop at the top of Vail pass. We were about 1/3 of the way down (in the rain) when my bike died. It had been fine for the 310 miles I had ridden it all day and it just cut out. We ended up taking turns coasting and pushing the bike down the shoulder of Vail Pass to Copper. So one of us coasted and pushed, the other followed on the other bike.

I ended up getting AAA to flatbed the bike back to my house, 90 miles, and called it a day. In the end it was a fun ride, I am just disappointed I didn’t get to finish it like everyone else.

Here are some pictures I took at lunch:
100K_ride 001.jpg

100K_ride 004.jpg

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