Guy’s Weekend

Well for our First Annual (hey the last two were bachelor parties) Guy’s weekend I would have to say it was a success. I know the title sounds a little ghey, but it was really for all the married and otherwise committed friends to get away for the weekend and get wasted.

There were only six of us, the folks that couldn’t make it. Well you guys were missed for sure, but that just meant more Coors for me.

A few of us started off Friday night trying to do the Century Club. For the uneducated, the century club is where you drink a shot (1oz) of beer ever minute for 100 minutes. That works out to be about 8.5 12oz beers. In the end Matt and Pat got through 8 beers while Justin and I only got to about 6.

That was my best effort, in the past I was always drunk when I decided to try it so I would only make it about 30 minutes.  We followed up the Century Club attempt with a marathon game of Asshole. I wont go into that because it takes to long to explain. It has cards and requires a lot of alcohol consumption.

Oh and Matt if you are reading this, SINGLES ON SINGLES, DOUBLES ON DOUBLES motherf*&^%@.

The house we rented was pretty cool (thanks Justin for getting it squared away). It has a pool table so a number of doubles and cut throat games were played.

On Saturday Stu and Jimmy hit the trail and rode down to Frisco. The rest of us waited lazily until they got back so we could go play paintball. Unfortunately it started raining so when we got to paintball they were closed. Fortunately though, there was a bar close by that had foosball. So we drank and played Foos and Pool at the bar for a few hours.

After that, back to the house, more drinking, more pool, and time to grill. Cooked up some NY Strips, corn, beans and som garlic bread. The grille was pretty much on fire (literally) during the cooking process but for the most part everything turned out good.

After a viewing of Grandmas boy it was time for Poker. A little Texas Hold ’em. My strategy was to go out early so I could focus on my drinking and it worked perfectly. I was out in about 20 hands. Ok, it wasn’t a strategy, but it sounded good right?

Our drinking skills onSaturday night were sub-par. Everyone was pretty beat from drinking the night before and the huge dinner probably didn’t help much with the alcohol consumption. So we decided to watch Team America: World Police.

While not a super action packed adventure it was nice to get away for a few days and hang out with everyone again. Hopefully next year we can make it even better, maybe even add on a day.

I didn’ take very many pictures, I think like 5 or 6. Not really anything to take a picture of anyway. I will post them up tonight or something.

2 thoughts on “Guy’s Weekend”

  1. Maybe next year you can combine it with the ladies and we can all go and have a good time. Not only boys like to play pool, play paintball, foos ball or just generally get drunk……

  2. Maybe next year you can include the significant others…I don’t think boys are the only ones that enjoy poker, pool, foos ball and generally drinking….

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