Ladies Night…Banned?!?

So on the local news last night there was a story about some chump who is going to try to get Ladies Night outlawed saying it is gender descrimination. That bars only cater to women and not to men who generate most of their business. Keep in mind this guy is upset about a bar called the Proof (a middle age single bar) having Ladies Night.
OK, so fair statement, yes, men make up most of the business for a bar. However, why do single men typically go to bars, to meet single women. Hell even taken men sometimes go to bars and have been known to flirt (present company excluded).

Now it’s well known single women are going to need some incentive to get out there and meet the boys. I mean women are the object of desire for men, sow here the ladies are, the men will be. Bars having Ladies Night, a good Ladies Night means getting in lots of ladies with no cover and dirt cheap drinks. That in turn brings in the full price paying men. The men should be THANKING the bar for having a Ladies Night and making it a nice environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a night out with the guys where we can be immature and stupid without worrying about impressing any ladies, but for the most part, bars are much more fun when both genders are present.

If you are a smart man Mr. Complainer-pants, you would find one of these fortunate Ladies Night attendees and latch on to them for the evening. A samrt shopper would have the gal order the drinks, you give her the money. I recall the days at 1082 Broadway (now Vinyl) they would have 25 or 50 cent drinks for the ladies. Sure it was shitty well drinks, but hellm find yourself a lady for a few hours of drinks. Hell maybe you’ll get lucky after a handfull of those quarter priced drinks.

In the end, losen up. Now keep in mind this bonehead chauvenist has successfully had this passed in Minnesota I believe, however I do not believe it is enforced.

The end of Ladies Night would not only mean the end of lots of ladies in the bars, but it will reduce your chances of getting lucky and reduce your chances of mooching cheap drinks of the ladies at Ladies Night.

One thought on “Ladies Night…Banned?!?”

  1. I’ve NEVER gone to a bar because they’ve had a “ladies night”, not even when I was single.

    This is just kind of a waste of time, especially when there are real city problems that should be dealt with like education and arts funding, homelessness, transportation needs, etc…

    people who bring lawsuits or try to change laws for this stuff should be mandatorily sterilized. or at least have the living crap beat out of their pathetic, pointless, lost lives.

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