40,000 Miles…ok 2,000 miles.

Today after spending some money at the BMW dealer on a new jacket, glasses, some oil, and filters I rolled back into my spot at work. Low and behold I look down…Exactly at 40,000 miles! So I had to take a picture.

When I bought the bike it had just under 38,000, like 37,995 or something like that. So I have put 2,000 miles on the bike since July! Pretty good for me.

I am in need of an oil change and an air filter change so I hope to do that this weekend if I have time.



2 thoughts on “40,000 Miles…ok 2,000 miles.”

  1. Jay,

    Love the site! I was actually looking for the “you’re the best around” Karate Kid song…I googled it and a link to your website came up. I couldn’t believe it…Jay Gietl from the good old college Delta Chi days.

    I’m here in Boston and see Josh every once in awhile. I’m liking it here but miss Colorado.

    Great site; I’m glad to see you’re doing well.


  2. Hey Cliff!

    Nice to hear from you. It is a very powerful song, I get a lot of hits from people doing the same search, very strange.

    Colorado is perfect this time of year, though I’m sure Fall in Boston is probably pretty nice too.

    Keep in touch.

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